Polymers can be used as separators, binders, electrolyte or electronically conductive additives, and single-ion conducting polymers.  Various classes of polymers (e.g., block co-polymers, ion-conductive polymers, electron-conductive polymers, comb-branched polymers) can be prepared via standard methods or through controlled block polymerization techniques.




  • Technique: Controlled block co-polymerization
    • RAFT
    • ATRP
    • Nitroxide-mediated 


  • Technique: Polymerization
    • Radical
    • Anionic
    • Cationic
    • Ring-opening
    • Polycondensation
    • Suzuki coupling
    • Methathesis

Characterization Tools

Gel permeation chromatography, light-scattering, DSC, TGA, DMA, GC-MS, NMR, Karl Fisher, WAX, SAXS, XRD, SANS, TEM, SEM, X-ray tomography, X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy.

Berkeley Lab Principal Investigators