Berkeley Lab's Industry Day and Open House, hosted by the Energy Storage and Grid Integration Groups, was attended by more than 72 guests from the private sector
representing 55 companies.  Of these, 31 were California-based companies, 7 were U.S. companies with a strong presence in California, and 13 were foreign companies with facilities in California, all representing a broad spectrum of activities in the energy storage spacematerials, batteries, testing equipment, car companies, grid storage, system integrators—ranging from start-ups to multi-national giants.

The day's activities included a number of talks highlighting Lab expertise and contractual mechanisms for leveraging that expertise, followed by Q&A sessions, Lab and facility tours, and a poster and networking session.  The proof-of-concept voucher initiative was announced as a quick and nimble way for industry to access Berkeley Lab resources.  Jeff Anderson, President of CalCharge, also gave a talk which reviewed the progress of CalCharge and the buoyancy of the local ecosystem.

Ninety percent of the guests polled rated their visit as useful or very useful.

The talks and the tours were all great.

The Industry Day was great was great for networking and seeing some of Berkeley Lab’s facilities. Thanks!
This was a very good experience to see some of the things LBNL is working on. I’m 100% sure we will work with you on EV integration.

Agenda and Presentations

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Poster Session

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