Collaborative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA)
Strategic Partnership Project Agreement (SPP)


Key features of these mechanisms are summarized in the the following table

These estimated times to execution are estimates only and provided here for informational purposes only. Negotiations with each partner may vary depending on the complexity of the scope of work and the needs of the parties.

** For SPPs and Standard CRADA, the average time to execution has been observed to be 110 days + 12 days for each site office to review and approve.  Source: Brookings Institute Report, Sept 25, 2014, "Going Local: Connecting the National Labs to their Regions to Maximize Innovation and Growth." 

*** Click here for more information on the CalCharge CRADA Task Order process at Berkeley Lab.  Time to execution is an estimate and is provided here for information purposes only.  Task Order processing with each CalCharge member may vary depending on the complexity of the scope of work, if protected CRADA information will be generated, and the needs of the parties.

User Facilities

A User Agreement is required to be in place before experiments may begin and a facility may be utilized.  The User Agreement defines the terms and conditions for the use of the User Facilities and is the mechanism that allows users to retain ownership of their intellectual property. User Facilities are available to industry members to carry out non-proprietary as well as proprietary research. User Facilities can be accessed via a proposal process; often with the guidance of a Berkeley Lab scientist.