Energy storage is a cornerstone of the global transition to a clean energy economy. Our mission is to increase the frequency and intensity of impactful collaborations and to accelerate innovative research between Berkeley Lab and companies working in the energy storage space.




Who we are

At Berkeley Lab we carry out fundamental and applied research in the area of  electrochemical energy storage and conversion. Berkeley Lab researchers have a long and successful history of leveraging Berkeley Lab capabilities to perform world-class, effective, collaborative research projects in all areas―from materials synthesis, to advanced characterization, to battery testing and failure analysis.



How we connect

At Berkeley Lab, we believe science is a team effort―not just at the Lab, but also in our external collaborations; with other national labs, universities, and industry. To grow this larger "team"
we spearhead a wide range of activities
from workshops and meetingswhich bring government, start-ups, and larger, more established companies together in a collegial atmosphere for the purpose of education and networking, to open-house events showcasing Lab capabilities and expertise.



What we do

Berkeley Lab was founded on innovative thinking, and that tradition continues into the present day.  Energy storage researchers bring an impressive wealth of combined expertise, along with the some of the best equipment available, to any project.  Berkeley Lab researchers are committed to strengthening their ongoing collaborations with industry to bring innovative solutions to the energy storage space.



Where we are going

Early on, Berkeley Lab began pioneering the concept of a consortium of companies working in the energy storage space; a California battery ecosystem much like the ecosystem which generated the Silicon Valley technology boom. The result of this public-private partnership is CalCharge.  As a partner member of CalCharge,  Berkeley Lab helped forge the CalCharge CRADA, a streamlined contractual mechanism by which industry can engage with Lab expertise.